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I am passionate about learning and development at all levels: individual, team and organisation. I believe that an ever-present, on-going commitment to people development is an integral part of being an empowered and successful creative business.

My approach is facilitative and collaborative, which involves me working together with my clients throughout the process: consultation, design, delivery and review. I like to connect and understand the people I work with when undertaking a piece of work. Understanding both the culture of an organization and the needs of its people are vital when finding viable, effective solutions to any challenge they may encounter. It is this approach, I believe, that is the most powerful way of changing both thinking and action positively, with a greater understanding and commitment by all.

However, we need to have some fun along the way. I try and make group sessions a fun experience and as dynamic possible. Being playful and childlike (not childish!) stimulates the creative process. When people feel at ease with each other and the environment they generally surprise themselves and their colleagues with the input they contribute. Working with individuals in coaching sessions requires a challenging and nurturing approach. I am qualified trainer, facilitator and coach as well as a Myers Briggs practitioner, and I put as much effort into my own personal learning and development as I do with my clients.

I gain my own sense of achievement by helping others to realise their potential.

I have now been working in the Learning and Development field for 10 years, so there is too much information and background to place here. If you would like to read further and in more depth, take a look at my CV & Biogs below or give me a call.

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Clients have said:

"I have worked with Rachel across 3 organisations that I have worked for.
She brings a fresh energy to situations, and her engaging and credible style means she gains instant buy-in, which is so important when working with someone externally. She can creatively make you think about situations in a very different way, which is great for resolving issues. Her warmth and sense of fun, make her a pleasure to work with - I highly recommend.'."
Clive Lafferty, HR & Learning and Development Manager TOPSHOP TOPMAN.

"The most creative HR person I know."
Dominique Walker, Factual Entertainment Commissioner, Channel 4 TV.

"I started to work with Rachel back in 2009 when we were developing Platform here at W+K. I had seen Rachel at the OneDotZero Cascade student event at P3 and was really impressed by the way she had helped a large group of students (university, secondary and junior) who didn't know each other come together and work and develop ideas over an intensive week of projects. She really helped them break down barriers quickly so that they learnt to trust each others ideas and points of view. She helped them understand how to work together so that they were able to get to a larger range and quality of concepts in such a short space of time. When we watched the final presentations at the end of the week, the results spoke for themselves.
As a result we invited Rachel to come and work with Platform, our new talent initiative here at W+K. She helped our Platformers (who came from many different countries, with very different skills backgrounds) work out how they wanted to work together. It was a really important part of the ice breaking process as the Platformers were going to be working together for 9 months on some very testing briefs. The guys had a number of regular sessions with Rachel and I think it really helped them bond as a group by working through initial issues or fears they had with Rachel. Rachel's input was invaluable."
Lucy Collier, Art Director, Wieden + Kennedy.

"Rachel is a great people person. She enjoys working with different ideas and approaches to collaboratively find a creative solution for different challenges. She is really good at facilitating which requires gaining the trust and confidence of the individuals and groups that she works with. She has achieved excellent results with a wide variety of clients. She puts a lot of energy and commitment into making what she does work well. She is a professional in all she undertakes."
Nigel Paine, Expert on Work Innovation and Learning, MD Nigel Paine.Com Ltd



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