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Coaching is for people with lots of potential, who, for one reason or another, are not realising it. Coaching helps to identify and deal with blocks to fulfilment and success.

Coaching is a series of one-to-one confidential meetings where the client sets the agenda. It’s all about goal setting. It’s not about delving into the past but focusing on the future. It’s about dealing with the whole person; the private and professional, because neither works in isolation.

Some of the typical themes people bring to coaching are:

• Sharpening thoughts and ideas in the face of a personal or professional challenge
• Making difficult decisions
• Improving work relationships
• Career progression
• Dealing with the changes that a new job or promotion can bring
• Finding a better work-life balance
• Returning to work after a career break

If you would like to discuss in more detail what coaching can do for you contact me.

Clients have said:

"Having Rachel as a coach is like having a good friend at your disposal who does all the listening and guides you to make your own decisions and conclusions. She sets you on the right track without you even realising she's doing it."
Sarah Woods, Head of Marketing at Comic Relief

"Rachel works in mysterious ways. She's very good at getting under your skin and forcing you think about things in totally new ways. She's also very good at bringing together the personal and the professional. She really helped us understand with great clarity what we wanted out of our business and therefore how we could and should organise things. Her trick is to make you work out the answers for yourself."
Tim Carter, CEO at Twenty Twenty Television

"I loved working with Rachel and felt an instant connection. Rachel had a very distinct style, her approach was gentle and impactful. I was really made to think about what I wanted to say and she made me do it for myself. The difference it has made to me and my personal impact is unbelievable"
Becky Leeson, Buying Manager, Womenswear, ASOS

"I decided to take on coaching sessions following a job change. I wanted to ensure I was fully ready for this new opportunity which was taking me a little bit outside of my comfort zone. Rachel has a really open, honest, and non-judgemental approach to coaching that put anyone at ease & comfortable from day 1. She was extremely helpful and I have applied what I learned ever since. It kinda stays with you!."
Geraldine Sancho, Head of Marketing, Shopcade

"Rachel is very friendly and approachable yet professional. She was able to steer me and bring the discussion back on track if I was going off on a tangent and bring it back to the objectives we had set for that session. She used a number of tools I hadn't utilised before which I found very useful - elements of mind mapping, looking at the ideal client, word mapping through talking about "peak moments", creating 1 year plans, etc. I also felt that she was very knowledgable in her line of work as she would reference studies and other such information to back up her way of working."
Katy Beale, Digital Strategist / Creative Producer

"There's a warmth and lightness of touch to way that Rachel works. But at the same time she challenges you and makes you focus on the big important questions. As a result of working with her I'm much better equipped to take on the next phase of my life."
Paul, Director of an independent research and strategy consultancy

"Rachel’s wise and patient approach to coaching me and the team through the planning period of More4 undoubtedly contributed to the highly successful launch of the channel.  The channel team cohered in an unexpected and really rewarding way and Rachel, in no small part, contributed to this."
Peter Dale, Head of More 4, Channel 4 TV.

"I find Rachel really easy to open up to, as a result I have been able to explore and implement ways to improve challenging relationships! Rachel has also supported me with some valuable team development work, helping to provide clarity on our vision and values as a team."
Andrea Anderson, Head of HR & Training, ASOS.com.

“What I liked about Rachel's one-to-one coaching was that in each session we dealt with specific issues and problems and found solutions. She gets to the heart of a problem very quickly and doesn't pussyfoot around."
Dorothy Byrne, Head of News & Current Affairs, Channel 4 TV.

"Rachel coached me through a career transition with great skill and perception, helping to clarify my real motivations and goals by cutting through a lot of ‘woolly’ thinking. Her approach is down-to-earth, accessible and very effective."
Simon Harrison, Account Director, Innovation, Comic Relief.

“Rachel was my coach when I worked at Channel 4. She offered me personal, supportive coaching that helped me define my aims and aspirations, and put them in the context of my role at C4. It was a long way from the regimented HR support which I was expecting - more of a conversation with an expert. By the end of our coaching, I was able to articulate my personal career goals with clarity. After I left Channel 4, this clarity helped me enormously as I negotiated post-employment life. Since leaving Channel 4 I've produced a film and set up my own production company, winning support from the BBC, Arts Council England, and NESTA. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Rachel for coaching."
Alex Fleetwood, Producer, Hide and Seek.

"I encountered Rachel at a crossroads in my career. I have found her to be an expert and personable coach and facilitator who takes the big picture into account. Her creative approach allows the space for clarity to grow, while offering an inventive set of tools with which to move forward with confidence. Highly recommended."
Richard Steven, Acupuncturist.




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