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Team coaching, at its most effective, involves working with a team over a sustained period of time. I work with, and support, the team to develop it’s own capacity to identify the themes and issues it faces. It is then empowered to find the best solutions for immediate and long-term success.

Each team is different and so are the issues it faces but typically a piece of team coaching would involve meeting with all team members individually to get a broad understanding of everyone’s perspectives. From this I would compile an objective report of the themes and issues. This would be presented to the manager and then the team. From this we would jointly decide on the commitment and length of time we would work together. Depending on the complexity and urgency of the work this would range from 1 session every quarter for a year or a series of monthly meetings.

Clients have said:

"Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into the sessions with us. I found it a fascinating process to go through, both personally illuminating and allowing me to appreciate the others in the group in a more far reaching way. I thought the way you handled the group and the pace and content you worked through with us was particularly skilful."
Alasdair Travers, Partner, Purcell Architects

"Rachel Gilmore's method is simple but powerful. Be honest about yourself, your colleagues, and your respective ambitions and motivations. Build a trusting, effective team through a frank dialogue - leave no elephants in the room. Build stronger, more capable individuals through self-awareness and a better understanding of others. Rachel is a committed coach who creates value and lasting benefits.”
Martin Fewell, Deputy Editor, Channel 4 News

"We turned to Rachel at the end of 2009 to help us to bring an outside and fresh perspective on the way we should approach the development of our senior design team through 2010. Through a number of one on one sessions she was able to quickly identify key and consistent areas for us to focus on culminating in a group working session. This approach was exactly what was needed and was successful in quickly getting to the core of what makes creative people tick. The way she approached the task and guidance was hugely valuable to myself and the team and will definitely be seeking to work with her again as part of an ongoing development process.”
Dan Griffiths, Glue London

“In terms of team coaching work, my best experience by a long way has been with Rachel Gilmore. She has the expertise, understanding, and intuition to make this kind of work hugely helpful for a Manager and very productive for the team overall. She challenges one's thinking without making you run for cover, and she quickly gets to grips with team dynamics and key structural issues. I would wholeheartedly recommend her.”
Danny Cohen, Controller of BBC Thre

"Rachel’s insight into the issues which were holding the team back from realising it’s full potential was invaluable. Her experience meant that she quickly got a firm grasp of the situation and her calm and self-effacing manner won the confidence of everyone involved. She was a great pleasure to work with."
Peter Dale, Head of More 4, Channel 4 TV

"Rachel’s coaching really helped me to get a handle on what we needed to do as a company. She had a natural understanding of our creative collective. With her help we have grown in the direction we wanted to. I would say time with her is one of the best investments a creative company can make."
Stephen Pennells, Co founder and Director, Doko Films